Table of the ADAMs

Gene Protein Other Designations Organism DNA accession(s)
ADAM1 ADAM-1 PH-30 alpha; Fertilin alpha Bos taurus AF086807
      Cavia porcellus Z11719
      Gorilla gorilla Y15492 (pseudo)
      Homo sapiens Y09232 (pseudo)
      Macaca fascicularis X79808 (I), X79809  (II),     Y09304 (g)
      Mus musculus U22056, AAH52093, AK016558 (1a), AB048844 (1a, g), AF167406  (1b), AB048843 (1b, g), 
      Oryctolagus cuniculus U46069
      Papio hamadryas anubis Y15519 (II) Y15520 (I)
      Pongo pygmaeus Y15491
      Rattus norvegicus Y08616
      Saguinus oedipus Y15511 (I), Y15512 (II)
      Tupaia glis Y15965
ADAM2 ADAM-2 PH-30 beta; Fertilin beta Bos taurus AF086808
      Cavia porcellus Z11720
      Homo sapiens U52370, X99374, AJ133005, AF178650, BC034957
      Macaca fascicularis X77653,U33959
      Mus musculus U22057,U16242, AK016550
      Oryctolagus cuniculus U46070
      Rattus norvegicus X99794
      Sus scrofa AJ309003
ADAM3 ADAM-3 Cyritestin; tMDC I Homo sapiens 3a (pseudo): X89654 , X89655, X89656, X89657, AJ005372;
3b (pseudo): Y10615 
      Mus musculus X64227, BC060975
      Macaca fascicularis X76637
      Rattus norvegicus Y07903
ADAM4 ADAM-4 tMDCV Macaca fascicularis AB070079 (4a), AB071074 (4b); see footnote 13

Mus musculus U22058 (4a), AY158688 (4a), BK001466 (4b) (g)
Rattus norvegicus Y11491
ADAM5 ADAM-5 tMDC II Cavia porcellus U22060
      Macaca fascicularis X77619
      Mus musculus U22059, AK016574
ADAM6 ADAM-6 tMDC IV Cavia porcellus U22061
      Homo sapiens AK093400; see footnote 15
      Macaca fascicularis X87205 (6a), X87206 (6b), X87207 (6c)
      Mus musculus

AY158689 (6a), BK001467 (6b)

      Oryctolagus cuniculus U82750 (6d), U82751 (6e)
      Rattus norvegicus Y09111
ADAM7 ADAM-7 EAP I Homo sapiens AF090327, AF215824
      Macaca fascicularis X66139
      Mus musculus AF013107
      Rattus norvegicus X66140
ADAM8 ADAM-8 MS2 Danio rerio AL831745 (g), BC057428
      Homo sapiens D26579
      Mus musculus X13335, BC025584
ADAM9 ADAM-9 MDC9, meltrin gamma Bos taurus AF069647
      Homo sapiens D14665,U41766, 1836081, AF495383 (a. sp.)
      Mus musculus U41765
      Sus scrofa AF069646
      Xenopus laevis AF032382
ADAM10 ADAM-10 MADM; kuzbanian Bos taurus Z21961
      Caenorhabditis elegans AF024614
      Danio rerio BC054638, BC083274
      Drosophila melanogaster U60591 , AE003640 (g), AE003770 (g) (see footnote 10)
      Gallus gallus AY077631
      Homo sapiens Z48579,AF009615
      Mus musculus AF011379
      Rattus norvegicus Z48444
      Sus scrofa AF069645
      Xenopus laevis AF011380, AF508151
ADAM11 ADAM-11 MDC Homo sapiens D17390, AB009675, D31872
      Mus musculus AB009676, BC054536
      Xenopus laevis AF032384
ADAM12 ADAM-12 Meltrin alpha Bos taurus AB164682 (12L)
      Coturnix coturnix AF456466

Homo sapiens AF023476, AF023477, BC060804 (a. sp. 12S)
      Mus musculus D50411
      see footnote 12  
ADAM13 ADAM-13   Xenopus laevis U66003, AF032385 (pseudoallele)
      see footnote 9  
ADAM14 ADAM-14 adm-1, UNC-71 Caenorhabditis elegans U68185
ADAM15 ADAM-15 Metargidin; MDC 15 Homo sapiens U41767,U46005, BC014566, BT009763, AY518542, AF314227 (g)
      Mus musculus AF006196, AB022089
      Rattus norvegicus AJ251198, BC061796
ADAM16 ADAM-16 MDC 16 Xenopus laevis U78185
ADAM17 ADAM-17 TACE Cricetulus griseus AF380348
      Danio rerio BC057410
      Drosophila melanogaster AY212802, AE003772 (g)
      Homo sapiens U69611, U86755, U69612, U92649
      Mus musculus U69614
      Rattus norvegicus AJ012603
      Sus scrofa AF069648
ADAM18 ADAM-18 tMDCIII Homo sapiens AJ133004
      Macaca fascicularis Y08617
      Mus musculus AF167405, BC051136
      Rattus norvegicus Y11490
ADAM19 ADAM-19 Meltrin beta Coturnix coturnix AF456467

Homo sapiens AF134707, Y13786, AF326918, AF311317
      Mus musculus AF019887, D50410
Homo sapiens AF029899, AF158643
ADAM21 ADAM-21   Homo sapiens AF029900; AF158644; see footnote 11; AF158640 (pseudo)
      Mus musculus AF251559, AK014827
ADAM22 ADAM-22 MDC 2 Homo sapiens AB009671, AF158637 (a. sp.), AF158642 (g), AF073291, AF155382, AF155381 (a. sp) 
      Mus musculus AB009674
      Xenopus laevis AF032383
ADAM23 ADAM-23 MDC 3; literature alias, see ADAM28 (AF137334 and AF137335) Homo sapiens AB009672, AJ005580
      Mus musculus AB009673
ADAM24 ADAM-24 Testase-1 Mus musculus AF167402
ADAM25 ADAM-25 Testase-2 Mus musculus AF167403
ADAM26 ADAM-26 Testase-3 Mus musculus

AF167404 (26a), BK001468 (26b) (g)

ADAM27   Literature alias, see ADAM18 (AF167405)    
ADAM28 ADAM-28   Gallus gallus XM 417681 (prediction)
    eMDCII, MDC-Lm, MDC-Ls Homo sapiens AJ242015, AF137334, AF137335
      Macaca fascicularis AJ242014
     TECADAM Mus musculus AF153350, AF163292
      Rattus norvegicus AY283187
ADAM29 ADAM-29   Homo sapiens AF171929, AF171930 (a. sp), AF171931 (a. sp), AF134708
      Mus musculus AY190759
ADAM30 ADAM-30   Homo sapiens AF171932, AF171933
      Mus musculus AK016888, AY190760
ADAM31   Literature alias, see ADAM21 (AF251559)    
ADAM32 ADAM-32    Homo sapiens BC026085, BC028702, BC030014, BC030698, BC034975, BC026169

   Mus musculus AF513715, BC060983

   Rattus norvegicus AJ131563
ADAM33 ADAM-33   Homo sapiens  AB055891 (alpha), AF466287; see footnote 4
      Mus musculus

AF386072 (alpha), AB059632 (alpha), AB059633 (beta), AF472524 (alpha), AY054984, AY382194 (alpha), AY382193 (beta)

ADAM34 ADAM-34  testase 4  Mus musculus AF373288
ADAM35 ADAM-35 Meltrin epsilon Gallus gallus AB088841
ADAM36 ADAM-36 testase 6 Mus musculus BN000114 (see footnote 17)
ADAM37 ADAM-37 testase 7 Mus musculus BN000115 (see footnote 17)
ADAM38 ADAM-38 testase 8 Mus musculus BN000119 (see footnote 17)
ADAM39 ADAM-39 testase 9 Mus musculus BN000121 (see footnote 17)
ADAM40 ADAM-40 testase 10 Mus musculus XM_356072 (see footnote 17)


1. This table was updated on 9/20/05 by J.M. White and T.G. Wolfsberg.

2. Accession numbers for partial sequences that cannot be assigned as an orthologue of a specific ADAM have not been included. ESTs are not included.

3. Other "ADAM-like" sequences have been discovered but are not included in this Table (e.g., decysin [Y13323; AJ242912], and a sequence that encodes an ADAM-like protein from S. pombe [Z98849]). Sequences have been deposited for ADAM proteins from the insect Anopheles gambiae (for examples, AAAB01008879, AAAB01008944). A genomic sequence (AL590446.1) has been deposited that appears to encode a fragment of an ADAM-like sequence from the microsporidium Encephalitozoon cuniculi.  A genomic sequence for an ADAM-like protein has been reported from Neurospora:  AABX01000128 (g); EAA34439 (p). ADAM and ADAM-like sequences have also been reported from other fungi, from puffer fush and from honeybees. See footnote 8 regarding the ADAM-TS gene family. We are currently preparing separate lists of non-vertebrate ADAMs. These will be linked to the parent Table.

4. ADAMs with the metalloprotease active site sequence HEXGHXXGXXHD (across all known orthologs) are: ADAMs 1, 8-10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19-21, 24-26, 28, 30, 33-40. (Re: ADAM21, see AF158644 and AF251559 and footnote 11).

5. A Table that focuses on ADAM genes in humans is available at c/o the Human Genome Nomenclature Committee ( Table of human ADAMs can be found at Another Table of mouse ADAMs can be found at

6. ADAMs that appear to be (primarily) testis-specific are ADAMs: 2-6, 18, 20, 21, 24-26, 29, 30, 32, 34, 36-40. The testases (ADAMs 24-26, 34, and 36-40) appear to be present in the mouse, but not in the human, genome. The genes for the mouse testases are clustered on mouse chromosome 8. See Puente et al.2003 for a discussion.

7. Abbreviations: (a. sp.) alternatively spliced; (g) genomic; (p) protein. Mouse ADAMs that are represented by two genes are denoted a and b (e.g. 4a, 4b, 6a, 6b, 26a, 26b). The orthologous relationships between mouse ADAMs 4a, 4b, 6a, 6b and macaque ADAMs 4a, 4b, 6a, 6b, and 6c are not clear.

8. Information on the ADAM-TS gene family is available at: and .

9. The mammalian ADAMs that are most similar to Xenopus ADAM13 are ADAMS 12, 19, and 33.

10.  There appear to be two genes (AE003640, kuzbanian; AE003770) in Drosophila that are highly similar to mammalian ADAM 10. U60591 is the mRNA sequence for kuzbanian. See Lieber et al. 2002 for a discussion.

11. Regarding the sequences for human ADAM21. The sequence AF158644 contains a predicted metalloprotease active site (HELGHTLGMQHD). The sequence AF029900 contains a single amino acid difference (HELGYTLGMQHD) which would not be consistent with metalloprotease function. However, we consider it likely that there may be a sequencing error in AF029900 and that human ADAM21 is likely an active metalloprotease. Our reasoning is as follows:  (a) A genomic sequence for human ADAM21 (AL391223.4) has the same sequence in this region as AF158644. (b) Mouse ADAM21 (AF251559 and AK014827) encodes a metalloprotease active site sequence (HELGHTFGMKHD).

12. The Strongylocentrotus purpuratus protein sequence encoded by AY029303 is most similar to ADAM12, but it is  not yet clear whether it is the sea urchin ortholog of ADAM12. 

13. It is not known whether AB070079 and AB071074 are macaque ADAM4 pseudogenes. ~10587 - 12574 of AL357153 encodes part of a human ADAM4-like pseudogene, as does 31430 - 33492 of AL160191. The human pseudogene AF158638 maps to AL357153.

14.  Sequences for additional Drosophila ADAMs have recently been deposited:  AE003705, AE003500, AE003772. Sequences for ADAMs from C. elegans (e.g., see ADAMs 10 and 14) and C. Briggsae (e.g., CAE63097, CAE66973, CAE69554, and CAE70280) have also been deposited.

15. AK093400 likely encodes human ADAM 6 but the sequence needs verification.

16. The genomic sequence, AL831745, likely encodes zebrafish ADAM 8.

17. The sequences for mouse ADAMs 36-40 are predictions from genomic sequences. See Puente et al.2003 for a discussion.