Mollie Anna Pepper's Home Page

Vital Stats:

Born: February 28, 1999 Length: 20.5 inches Weight: 7 lbs 7oz

Current (2/28/01) Length: inches Weight: 25 lbs

Recent News:

2/28/01: Mollie celebrates her second b-day in style - breakfast with the family, music class, dinner with Lulu, presents, and a week long party!!

12/31/00: Mollie celebrates New Years on the Downtown Mall: Dinner (with cake and a candle), Dancing and a Concert. Not a bad night for a 22 month old (or, as Mollie says, a 6 month old).

4/1/00: No fooling, Mollie can stand and say "Dad, you are the best!"

Pictures of Mollie, Friends and Family:

February 2001: Phone a Friend , Pigtail , B-Day Present , B-Day Cake

December 2000: Breakfast with Blake , Mollie , Fuzzin

November 2000: Chipmunk , Family , Mimi and Friends , Reading with Lulu

February 2000: Train Hat , The Kiddie Corp , I Can See Clearly Now! , Happy Birthday

January 2000: The Wittner Clan , Mollie and Josh 3: , Box Car Racing , You are not going to believe this hand!

November 1999:Uncle Jorge , 9 months , Purple POwer ,

October 1999: Let's play Ball , Mollie and Josh: Splish Splash they are taking a bath , Mollie and Josh 2: Hanging on the Grounds

Sleeping Beauty , Bikini Babe , Tummy Time

Mollie's Favorite Links:

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