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James Demas


James Demas (on the right)

In addition to an active interest in research and education, Jim Demas has a number of outside interests. He and his wife grew up in New Mexico, and this imprinting is clearly seen in their dress, their home decorations, and their conversation. Recently, they got so many requests for information on what to do while visiting the Southwest that they created a section of his web pages devoted to their favorite sights, museums, eating places, etc. It has many photographs, and more are being added as they sort through their collection.

Jim's wife, Susan, volunteers at the Virginia Discovery Museum, a hands-on museum on the downtown mall. Interested parties should see him for passes,. He and his wife created two exhibits for the museum on the Pueblo Indians which they worked up while on sabbatical at Los Alamos. She conceptualized the exhibit, did the research and writing, and picked out many of the items. He drove her around, helped select items, took the photographs, and did much of the art layout with the able help of the artistic Susan Collins, the undergraduate secretary.

Jim has studied karate with his son for over 25 years and has a third degree black belt in Taekwondo. He is currently studying Japanese Niharita. He is an enthusiastic, if not overly gifted, skier. He has recently taken up biking.

Their son, David, and daughter, Stacy, live locally. David is an associate test engineer at Comdial. He is a very good if not pretty skier--irritatingly better than his father. Stacy is married to Tommy, is a fine artist who draws (the dragon behind Demas' desk was done when she was 14), and runs a small jewelry making businessand teaches preschool. Tommy is an avid and highly skilled fly fisherman. If you are into fly fishing, you may well have bought some of the flies that he makes in his small fly tying, guiding business. Tommy and Stacy have two delightful daughters, Katlyn Rae, who was born in 1997 and Liberty Nicole who was born in 2000 plus a boy, Mason Ray who was born in 2003. Since both sets of grandparents are local, they are spoiled out of their minds. Further, if you visit the Demas home page or his office, you will have to put up with photos.

Jim, Susan, and David are avid film buffs. Jim created the Mallet Movie Reviews, a review of current, cable, and old films. It is available free by e-mail. Past reviews (>2000) are available on his web page.

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