Sources: Charlotte Papendiek

Papendiek, Charlotte Louise Henrietta: Court and private life in the time of Queen Charlotte; being the journals of Mrs. Papendiek, assistant keeper of the wardrobe and reader to Her Majesty; edited by her granddaughter Mrs. Vernon Delves Broughton. London, 1887. 2v.

Mrs. Charlotte Papendiek (1765-1839) was appointed Assistant Keeper of the Wardrobe in 1797 or 1798 and later became Reader to Queen Charlotte as well. Her father was Frederic Albert -- born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1733 -- who served at the Court of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and accompanied Princess Sophie Charlotte to England as her page and hairdresser when she was engaged to marry King George III. Frederic Albert's daughter Charlotte married Mr. Papendiek, servant and musician to George III. Both continued the family tradition of being faithful servants to the Court of St. James's. Mrs. Papendiek began her journal "Court and Private Life in the Time of Queen Charlotte..." in 1833. She had not finished it at the time of her death in 1839. Her granddaughter published it in 1886. Along with Fanny Burney's excellent diaries, Charlotte Papendiek's journal is another invaluable source of information on the intimate family and artistic life at the English Court.

Mrs. Papendiek and Child.

Mrs. Papendiek and Child. Engraving from a sketch by Sir Thomas Lawrence. In: Papendiek, Charlotte Louisa Henrietta: Court and private life in the time of Queen Charlotte ... London, 1887. v.2, Frontispiece.

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