Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is one of Canada's Maritime Provinces. The area was granted by King James I to Sir William Alexander in 1621. This settlement was absorbed by the French. Nova Scotia was ceded to Great Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Many French Acadians were deported in 1755 (a story that is the theme of Longfellow's poem Evangeline), and the area was settled in the 18th century by Scottish Highlanders and, after the American Revolution, by Loyalists from the United States. Nova Scotia was separated from New Brunswick and established as a separate colony in 1784.

Queens County, Nova Scotia was one of the first places named in honor of the young Queen Charlotte in 1761. The county, in the southwest of the province, has a land area of 983 square miles, and a population (in 1981) of 13,126. The county seat is the town of Liverpool.

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