Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties, Virginia, United States

The first attempts to settle the Virginia colony were made by Sir Walter Raleigh from 1584 through 1587. In 1606, the London (Virginia) Company was awarded a royal charter to this colony, and in 1607, this Company established the first settlement at Jamestown. Virginia was one of the first colonies to express resistance to the Stamp Act and other British taxes in 1765, and was the scene of the British surrender to the Americans at Yorktown in 1781.

Charlotte County and Mecklenburg County were founded in 1765. Charlotte County has a land area of 467 square miles and a population of 11,700 (in 1991). The county seat is the town of Charlotte Courthouse. Mecklenburg County has a land area of 626 square miles and a population of 31,000 (in 1996). The county seat of Mecklenburg County is the town of Boydton.

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