Mrs Papendiek on The London Hurricane

... I must not forget to mention a terrific hurricane which passed over the metropolis at the commencement of this year, 1779. The wind blew violently from the north-west, and took off the upper corner of the 'Queen's House.' This was the room next to the one in which the Princes Ernest, Augustus, and Adolphus slept, which was over the bedroom of their Majesties. The King was up, and with his children in a moment. The ceiling was falling fast, and had already broken the bedstead of the elder Prince, but they were soon placed in safety with their attendant, Mrs. Long, and no harm happened to them. Nineteen trees were torn up in St. James's Park, and serious damage was done in other parts of London. ...

Excerpt from Court and Private Life in the Time of Queen Charlotte: being the Journals of Mrs Papendiek, Assistant Keeper of the Wardrobe and reader to Her Majesty. Edited by Mrs Vernon Delves Broughton. London, 1887. (2 vols.), v.1, p. 103.

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