Aerial Photos from Model Airplanes

Blue Ridge Mountain Slope Sites

Slope Soaring in Charlottesville, VA

Slope Soaring at the Outer Banks, NC

Flying Wings!

Map of the Outer Banks

Blue Ridge Slope Sites South of Afton, VA

Four sites, starting with the parking lot at the Inn at Afton, and showing the home of GET LIFT! (at the *)

On the Blue Ridge Parkway S. of Afton, there's no charge for access.

GOOD LIFT in the Blue-indicated wind directions.

Yellow Y means (relatively) good landing zone.

Landing Zones, LIFT/DISTANCE RATING No landing zone means crash into slope (All landing zones are poor)

Lift Rating: 1 - 5 assuming 10 mph in the perfect direction for that slope (5 is good, Brown's Mt. is rated 3)

Distance Rating How close and low is the lift? (5 is good for Va, Brown's Mt. is rated 2 for 10 mph)


Landing Zone? -- Lift

Parking lot below the lot at the Inn at Afton (gravel landing)


Afton (1/4 mile S.)


Rockfish Valley (1.3 miles S.)


Much higher than the Afton overlook

Humpback Rock (6.1miles S.)

NOT at the pioneer village- 1/2 mi. S. at THE ROCKS.


Fly in the field above the parking lot. Rangers say any plane without motor is OK.

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