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WORKPLACE NORMS AND THE LAW (Seminar) (LAW5 710), Mr. Verkerke, Credits: 3

Prerequisite: Employment Law or Employment Discrimination Law or permission of the instructor.

This research seminar examines the employment relationship from a practical and empirical perspective. First, we will read selected work from the theoretical literature concerning the role of norms in structuring behavior. We will also study the far more limited scholarly efforts to provide empirical information about actual employment practices. Next, each student will select a company or industry for further study. Students will read trade publications, interview company officials, and use informal survey techniques to discover how legal rules and informal workplace norms interact to structure the employment relationship in that company or industry. Finally, students will write detailed case studies and present the results of their research. For additional information about employment and labor law courses, please visit the PELLS web site (

Written Requirement: A substantial research paper.

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