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LABOR LAW (LAW3 684), 1, Mr. Henderson, Credits: 3

The course examines the federal framework for collective bargaining in the private sector, including regulation of the organizing process; determination of representative status; the balancing of economic weapons; negotiation, administration, and enforcement of collective agreements; and protection of individual employees within the collective structure. Special attention will be given to the relationship of the NLRB, the courts, and the labor arbitrator.

LABOR LAW (LAW3 684), 2, Mr. Leslie, Credits: 3

This course surveys union/management relations in the workplace. It includes how unions gain representation rights and how managers oppose; collective bargaining; enforcing the agreement; strikes, picketing, and boycotts; individual employee rights vis-a-vis a union; and similar issues.

Requirements: The course is conducted by the CaseFile Method. Each day, the class will consider a different CaseFile. Class participation will account for 50% of the grade and will include both a quantity and quality component. The final examination will be a CaseFile and you will be asked to produce a take-away memo analyzing it.

For a fuller description of the CaseFile Method, please see: http://hobbes.itc.Virginia.EDU/~dll2k/

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