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Students interested in the law of the workplace have a number of courses from which to choose. The three foundational courses are Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Labor Law. Students with a special interest in the field should also consider taking one or more of our advanced courses Employment Law: Principles & Practice, Employment Litigation: Principles & Practice, Labor Arbitration, and Employee Benefit Law.  A new seminar Workplace Norms and the Law will be offered for the first time during the spring semester of 1999.

For more detailed descriptions of each of these courses, follow the links below:

Employment Law
Employment Discrimination Law
Labor Law
Labor Arbitration
Employee Benefit Law
Employment Law: P & P
Employment Litigation: P & P
Workplace Norms and the Law


First year students with a general interest in the field would do well to start by taking Employment Law or Employment Discrimination Law.  These two courses cover the range of issues that arise most frequently in modern practice.   However, if you have a prior background in collective bargaining or a particular interest in unionized employment, then you might wish to take Labor Law first.   Anyone who expects to specialize in employment and labor law should plan to take all three of the foundational courses (Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Labor Law) as well as at least one or two of the advanced courses or seminars.

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