April green!
	I love the spring
	So soft, so pure,
	So clean.
	Time is fragile...
	A web of scents of rain
	In a lane
	Walked by lovers...
	The pavement aches with joy
	To feel their feet
	Trod o'er it.
	In spring
	Her skin feels softer,
	Her laughter rings like raindrops
	A-dance on glass,
	And her smiles
	Speak words only the eye
	Can hear.
	What of hair long and soft,
	Smelling crisp and clean...
	Gardens dreaming
	Of a thousand summers
	Long gone by,
	One still to come...
	Fresh, cool kisses
	Taste of strawberries
	As one feels human warmth
	Suffusing clasped bodies
	Like the breath of angels.
	Weave an April spell
	Through forest, glen and dell!
	Clouds immense
	Hang weightless, watching,
	Marking April days
	Free of haze...


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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