Did I cry
	Within my mother's womb,
	Each time
	I dreamed of my life
	To come?
	Did I kick
	Out at the blackness
	Which swallowed me
	Both then
	And then still to come?
	I would have cried
	But my tears
	Could not flow
	Til I was grown
	And had suffered so.
	Had I known, had I known--
	I would not have grown,
	Would not have come
	To see this world.
	But the womb
	Was my forgetting,
	And the pain of birth
	My mother's
	Vain attempt to spare
	Me the pain of Life
	I should later know.
	But had I known,
	No one
	Could have made me go.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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