Spring bewitches
	With its golden days
	Warm and languid.
	Leaves of sculptured jade
	Unfold confidently,
	To sing of Life-remembered
	Through a winter
	Dark and long.
	Fall to earth,
	Springing forth transformed
	Into flowery jewels
	More exquisite still,
	Love incarnate
	To the eyes and smell.
	New bark
	Sloughs off snow-time's
	Shabby coat
	And twigs reach for the wind.
	The red-bird
	And the mocker
	Trill a vernal hymn,
	So old
	The hills cannot remember
	A time it was not sung.
	Rock and stream
	Rush together in laughing joy,
	Their embrace unstilled
	By the melting of winter ice,
	Eager to find the sea.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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