A boy and girl stand
	Arm and arm
	On my balcony, the moonlight
	Pale, diffuse about them
	As they speak.
	A thousand thousand times
	Is this scene played
	Everywhere on God's mighty earth--
	Yet there is a difference:
	She is blind.
	Devoid of sight since birth,
	She has never seen the moonlight
	Or will she ever,
	Save in whatever ghostly form
	Her mind illumines
	The perpetual night which surrounds her.
	She is blind!
	Her whole life is Stygian terror!
	Yet--she knows love
	As surely as I myself.
	She cannot see the sky,
	The flowers, the colors
	And the light;
	She cannot perceive the waters
	Or the falling rain.
	All she knows is a voice
	In the blackness
	And the touch of
	An unseen hand in her own.
	Never to see the moonlight.
	How much terror the thought
	Of this strikes in me.
	Never to see the moonlight,
	Nor my lover's smile
	Nor her joyful countenance.
	Never is a long, long time--


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