My Love, my Love--
	Silently, I come before Thee.
	My tongue is mute and thick
	As I wonder
	Where it is we go together.
	Thou and I,
	Two youthful birds,
	Soaring high among the awesome
	Clouds of love,
	Charmed and bewildered
	By their gentle spendor
	And eternal power.
	Love, so majestic, so brave
	And proud, so free
	It rides the glistening winds--
	How can I
	Take Thee there, or
	Go myself to sail the mighty currents,
	As insubstantial as angel's breath
	Yet with strength enough
	To forge and temper the souls of Kings?
	The radiant, irridescent clouds of love
	Sometimes show a deeper,
	Darker side, full of rain
	And thunder, ice and chilling wind.
	These frighten me, my Love,
	And my fear burns and feeds
	Upon itself, a rapacious, hissing acid
	Ravening in my heart and mind
	Shouting, "Do not go!  Fly no more
	Among the treacherous peaks, lest
	A tiny, willful gust of whim
	Dash you to an aching, endless death
	Of separation and broken love!  Go
	No more!  Turn quickly back!"
	My Love, my Love--
	I am frightened of my fear
	And wish to crawl
	Where I should ever higher soar.
	I am scarce a worthy man
	For Thee, my Love,
	Not a tenth the lofty falcon
	Thou should call Thy own.

		Version Two; Probably Late 1972

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