Blow, wind, blow!
	Make love unto my soul
	Until it cracks,
	Releasing me from that part of me
	I despise and abhor!
	Oh, burn against my face,
	Burn and burn,
	Till my self is no more
	And I am born anew,
	Unknown to the world becoming.
	I feel the shoots of life
	Thrusting madly from the earth,
	Wild, abandoned, free,
	Eager to swim in the gale.
	I feel the trees rumble
	In their sleep,
	On fire with the urge to explode
	Into the green of life.
	The earth whirls like a girl in love,
	So full of joy, intense,
	On the brink of bringing forth
	In an instant
	All the goodness and beauty
	Man may know.
	I stand while the wind
	Weaves wanton fingers through my hair,
	Sensuous caresses
	Beyond good and evil,
	Beyond all but eternal being.

	Yet, I stand alone.

	Flowers paint the world about me,
	The soil breathes, and
	I am inebriated
	By its sweet, damp, forever smell.
	I am of the soil;
	I am the soil!
	Before a brook, I stand amazed.
	Sunlight, pure golden life
	Laughs in those laughing waters.
	Each ripple is a joy unbearable,
	Every splash a splendor
	Reflected and repeated
	Till the crystal waters
	Become the mirror of the Universe,
	Designing worlds of light
	In a water drop.
	Creation pulses through my soul!
	Surely there is wonder
	In an apple blossom,
	Awe watching sea gulls soar.
	There is mystery in a buttercup
	And love
	Blows free in the sparkling wind!
	Wind, O Wind
	Come kiss my aching soul!
	Unbind me from these chains
	Of space and time
	And take my nether self
	To realms of dark oblivion,
	Whilst I in phoenix form anew
	Stand upon the world's pinnacle,
	Transformed and reborn
	A living man!


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