Is a warm November day,
	Sky so clear and blue
	That you know
	Love is true.
	It's a day
	For sailplaning or
	For walking through falling leaves
	With someone special
	By your side.
	You and she
	Laughing, loving, lilting
	Along beneath trees
	Of gold and amber,
	Trying with all your might
	To drink in
	This very moment,
	This instant of time
	When, more than anything else,
	You feel one another,
	Know inside you
	What being together means.
	The sun pours down,
	Making her hair
	Shine golden,
	And her eyes
	Sparkle blue diamonds.
	Every move
	Is a joy of freedom,
	Every sound
	A rapture unbearable.
	You move dazed
	And afraid,
	Afraid that what you see
	Isn't real
	And threatens momently
	To vanish
	In a burst of stardust
	That will leave you
	Cold and alone.
	You reach out,
	To touch a tree, a stone,
	A bit of grass,
	That will soothe
	And reassure your senses
	That what you see
	Won't vanish into the dusts
	Of memory.
	You reach out,
	And what you touch and feel--
	Is her face, her hair,
	Her cheek, her lips,
	Her tender soul.
	Then you know,
	When she smiles,
	There is no mockery,
	No jest, no importunate
	Illusion about this day,
	Only the magic
	Of two human souls
	United in love
	Casting the radiant,
	Twinkling shadows of mystery
	Over all the wood.
	You tremble,
	And tears flood your eyes.
	Your feelings are
	Beyond expression, yet--
	You must tell her,
	You must make her feel
	What boils within you.
	Words, looks, kisses,
	Passion and emotion
	Are not enough.
	Somehow, it must be
	So you fumble,
	And jest and boast
	Til-- at last
	Comes the silence.
	And in that silence
	She understands,
	And understanding
	She thrills.
	Such are November days
	Like this one.


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