Strangely Vacant

Strangely vacant. Vacant where? There, over there. Over there, the name of a War that was I? No, won. No one. Strangely vacant, leer, empty and bare; Over there, that's where. Well, here's not so full either, To be perfectly frank. Everything seems empty, even vacant & krank From the soul in the head To the sole of the shoe, And even the soll in what I'm supposed not to do! But why? asked the teacher Should now of all times, Alles be empty And empty of rhymes? (For Life without rhymes Lacks reason as well, And reasonless rhymes Are /ahem!/ likely to smell!).... Strangely vacant. Two hearts & the Mind of the World, At odds mathematically Indistinguishable from nil, Can speak of logistics, Ballistics, micro-mania Even trivia, and still-- Be strangely vacant. Now look, man, this has gone far enough! All this talk about vacancy--what do you mean? Ya runnin' some sort of motel maybe? Maybe. Well, I want a room, ya see? A room-- Empty? Of course, ya lug, do ya think I'd sleep with somebody I don't even know or something? It's been known to happen. Now, wait just a minute! Ya accusin' me of something dishonest? No. Only vacant. Empty, and still-- There's gotta be something in there!! Or nothing would come out.... Or maybe something was put in--! Yes, that might be the case, Though what it might be Remains a mystery to face. Now, just what is that supposed-- No, bitte, sagen Sie nichts! Interruptions, erruptions, convolutions and such Right now are.... (Once again) Strangely vacant. Strangely, abnormally normal, nominal, Unusually immaterial and irreverently Elephantly and elegantly odd Matters of (You see) Minutely, strangely, vacantly Much.


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