A January day
	Almost as warm
	As spring—
	Sun bright,
	Breeze light and cool.
	It was
	A chance meeting,
	But a welcome one.
	I saw
	Your blue jacket
	A long way off
	And my heart
	Beat a little quicker,
	My steps
	Turned to meet you.
	You smiled
	When we met,
	The golden sun
	For a moment
	Brought to life
	In my eyes.
	You graciously
	Allowed me
	To walk beside you,
	And for a while
	We shared
	Our thoughts
	And words
	As we often do,
	Though not
	Nearly so often
	As I would like!
	Our walk
	All too soon
	Came to its end,
	To that place
	Where we
	Had to part.
	I wish
	We never had
	To part!
	But for now—
	I could only
	Watch you walk away,
	Glad for
	All we had,
	That we soon
	Might stroll together
	Once again.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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