My thoughts of you
	Beat like moths
	Against the window
	Of imagination,
	Able to see
	What is,
	What might be,
	If only
	Transparent Reality
	Did not
	Hold them back.
	My lips
	Cannot caress your ears
	With loving words,
	My arms
	Can hold
	Only emptiness,
	Only fantasies,
	Not the living
	You truly are.
	Will Reality
	Someday crack
	And let my thoughts
	Be real?
	Will my lips
	Whisper this poem
	To your loving soul?
	Will I touch you
	And feel
	Your womanliness
	Quiver gently
	In my arms?
	Or will I,
	Forever frustrated,
	Beat my wings
	Against unyielding
	Invisible actuality?
	If only I knew!
	And if only
	You did, too.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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