When will we
	Ever learn?
	Learn not to burn,
	Not to spurn
	And churn
	To dust and dirt
	Our brothers
	And sisters
	Who share
	Our human birth?
	Will we learn
	Not to spill,
	Not to kill
	In blood and fire
	What we
	Do not understand?
	What twisted
	Part of us
	Thinks death
	And hate
	Can expiate
	Every wrong?
	All of us
	Bear some guilt
	For blood spilt
	In angry
	Yet who
	Can say
	What is right,
	What is wrong?
	Some part of God
	Must ache today
	In cosmic agony
	At this hideous act
	Committed in His name.
	But our pain
	And His—
	Are they not the same,
	Different in degree
	But not in kind?
	We all are One,
	More the Same
	Than not.
	When will we learn?


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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