Hail the old year!
	Cold it passes—
	Hail the new year
	With its books and classes!

	Hail to our hearty staff,
	Both lads and lasses!
	To their wit and skill
	Let us raise our glasses!

	And to our students,
	Both young and old,
	We wish them well,
	May their year be gold!

	And in the spring
	When books are closed,
	We wish them well
	Where 'ere they goes!

	So to the New Year
	Let's drink, and drink again,
	May our cares be few,
	Our days each a perfect 10!

	May all our answers
	Be easy found,
	May glowing praise
	To all redound!

	May we all have
	The best of years,
	And to everyone
	Three hearty cheers!


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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