The moon glides over the still, silent earth.
	For years it was the amulet of men's dreams;
	Now it is the doorstep of their ambition.
	In the fields white flowers cry out for the caresses
	Of tender young girls, but are crushed
	Beneath the passion of wanton lovers.
	Every snowflake falls to earth a stranger,
	Every pebble shuns its neighbor
	And aspires to be a lofty mountain.
	There is much dust in the sunset
	And much rain falls at dawn.
	All hearts are filled with ice.
	Tender looks have become ravenous mouths,
	Satiated only by the rape of Beauty.
	Sunshine sparkling over rippling waves
	Is nothing but the remains of the drunk World-Mind.
	The Universe is forsaken for the great god, Lust,
	Who enjoys pain, destruction, decay and filth
	Of mind and body.
	Every virgin prays to him,
	That he might render her pregnant
	With the seed of desire,
	And be thought a goddess by those about her.
	Lust worships not Beauty but desire,
	Not Love but attraction,
	Not wisdom but false teaching.
	The earth shudders at the touch
	Of this monster.
	The earth shrivels--
	Will it die?


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