These are
	The lonely times,
	The times
	When only God and I
	Sit together
	In the empty room.
	I talk,
	He listens.
	But I never know
	If He hears me.
	Surely, He must,
	For I speak
	Loudly enough.
	A whisper
	Is all it takes.
	His answers
	Would mean so much
	To me,
	His gifts
	So much more.
	But if I ask
	For you,
	Is that more
	Than even He
	Can do?
	He has ways
	To answer
	All these prayers,
	Ways I cannot
	Always understand.
	But if a man
	Needs Love,
	Nothing else will do.
	And if I
	Want you... ?
	God, please
	Tell me, if you'll
	Ever want me, too!


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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