I'm going to die:
	And it's going to be
	Mighty damn
	I'm going to be
	In the middle
	Of something
	I'd like very much
	To finish;
	Or else
	Somebody else
	Is going to have
	To drop whatever
	They're doing
	To see I get
	Sent decently on my way.
	Either way
	It'll be a nuisance,
	Not to mention
	All the obligatory
	No proper funeral
	Should be without.
	But, there's no escape;
	I can't live forever--
	And wouldn't want to,
	If I could;
	Living isn't all that good!
	Oh, there are moments,
	Sure, I'd like
	To set in bronze--
	But on the whole,
	No way!
	Why does everyone
	Cling to life
	Like remoras to a shark?
	Life gives them
	Far more than they
	Return.  Maybe
	That's why they're afraid
	They'll burn!
	What our parents give,
	Death will take away;
	And then
	We'll see what's left
	To pay!


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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