Happy days they were
	Across the campus
	I strolled,
	Drinking in the warming sun
	And feasting book-weary eyes
	Upon the trees and buds.
	True, the soul
	Ached from emptiness,
	Longing for a hand
	To hold,
	As I wandered
	To and fro.
	Yet the days
	Were filled with promise
	Then, and the nights
	Alive with hope.
	All lay ahead,
	Nought behind
	Save the dregs
	Of mis-spent youth--
	And these
	Mattered not,
	Compared to the future
	All bright and gold.
	What ignorance was mine!
	What blissful unconcern
	Filled my wand'ring soul!
	Sad would I have been
	Could I have seen
	The sin
	Gathering upon my
	Earth-future's rim.
	So many moments
	Gone so awry...
	And like a meteor
	Petered out,
	Now I sit in sorrow
	That those former days
	Were not better spent.
	Ah, Life, the Tragedy!


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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