Dear God,
	Who knows All,
	You know my heart,
	My thoughts and desires.
	Often, I come to You
	Always in fact I do.
	But it seems
	That so often I am
	Even though so much
	Of beauty, grace and goodness
	Swells around me.
	Life confuses me;
	I doubt It confuses Thee.
	I have seen
	Much I do not understand
	And much I do not like.
	I have fought
	Against this world of sin,
	But then--who
	But You
	Can divide Good and Bad?
	To be honest, God,
	I've felt cheated
	By it all.
	Yet, when I fall
	'Tis only through
	My own clumsiness.
	My soul is striped
	With selfishness
	And my love is hollow,
	Just a shell
	I hide inside
	Like a tortoise.
	In a Universe always
	Running down,
	Where nothing lasts,
	Where nothing comes for free,
	Love is the only
	Thing, which,
	The more it's used up,
	The more of it there is.
	You know this;
	You know why I call to You.
	I call because I want something
	(As usual)
	But don't listen to that, please!
	Will I never learn
	I wish I
	Could come before You
	With a clean, wholesome heart
	Filled with Love,
	Knowing I was doing all I could.
	But I cannot.
	What I do
	Is just one-googolth
	What I could.
	This is understood.
	But, God!
	Please let it be so!
	I know I ask
	At least in part
	Because 'tis I who have
	Suffered want and pain.
	I know I don't deserve relief.
	But God,
	Answer my prayer,
	If You can.
	I won't promise You
	I'll do better
	If You do;
	I can't bargain with You.
	I know I'm
	Holding back my Cup of Love
	While others
	Go thirsty for just a tiny sip.
	But I ask too much,
	I know.
	God, the World
	Is in Your Hands.
	I am powerless before You
	To move or sway
	A Mind I cannot envision.
	Whatever You can do,
	I appreciate.
	Thank You, God.

8/5/76 - 11/29/78

© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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