In shimmering sun
	I stand,
	A moment-point
	At whose intersection
	Comes to be
	All I am,
	All I see.
	From cell to cell
	The rays of sun-life
	That sustain
	The outward me.
	But I am
	More than simply real;
	In me swirl
	Times and places
	Beyond comprehending
	In their complexity.
	From this moment-me
	They extend eternally.
	By twos, by fours,
	They expand
	With endless possibility,
	Until every self
	I can conceive
	Is itself conceptualized
	In some probability
	At once remote
	Yet beating gently
	In my heart of hearts.
	Oh thousand million suns
	That shine
	O'er my billion souls!
	Come share with me
	Your golden rays,
	Warm and free!
	Let eyes that see
	Learn mystic vision;
	Let bones that feel,
	Feel sinews
	Taunt in other worlds.
	This tree's roots
	Delve deep in soil
	Mortals never know,
	Where time is slow
	And rain runs
	Clear as melted snow.
	Oh, the wonders
	Of worlds we do not see
	But feel!
	From these shadows
	We reel
	But return again
	And again
	To sense and feel.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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