I am not
	A thing apart, for
	Exists within my heart.
	How can I love
	This vastness?
	How can I be
	Such immensity?
	Am I a mirror,
	Holding all I see
	Despite my lowliness?
	This weak pen
	Cannot circumscribe
	The Universe,
	And though I long
	To send my mind
	Soaring among the stars,
	My eyes
	Are blocked by the clay
	Which makes me Man.
	Oh God!
	Will I never see an elf?
	Will I never
	Feel the cords
	Which bind up the Cosmic All?
	Give me some hope
	My life is not
	All in vain,
	As I crawl about
	My workday's plodding round.
	Oh how selfish
	To cry out for grandeur,
	When so small a heart
	Beats within my breast!
	I want to be a hero
	But do not
	Want to pay the price.
	So I shall sit
	In the dry and bitter dust,
	While others
	March on to fight
	The battles of the world.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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