Where art Thou,
	O Spirit Kindred,
	For Whom
	I long wistfully?
	Are you there
	In sweetness soft
	And silent,
	Living in a future
	Yet unborn,
	That someday I
	Shall discover Thee?
	Will you bloom
	At the touch
	Of my gentle love,
	As does the rose
	When by the sun
	'Tis warmly kissed?
	Will you bring
	To my arid soul
	A spring
	Of joy and content,
	A twinning
	Now unfelt
	But desired so deeply?
	Can longings
	Create bone and blood?
	Are light and life
	Products of endless
	Only Time's changing
	Will tell the tale;
	Only the parade of days
	Will show
	Whether I face
	The east or west.


© Fred O'Bryant. All rights reserved.

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