Seminars and Conferences

Current and Planned Events

·        University of Virginia Topology Seminar

·        Special Session on Women in Topology: Topics in Homotopy Theory, AWM Research Symposium, UCLA, April 2017 (co-organized with Angélica Osorno)

·        MRSI Program on Derived Algebraic Geometry, Spring 2019 (co-organized with Bhargav Bhatt, Dennis Gaitsgory, David Nadler, Nick Rozenblyum, Peter Scholze, Bertrand Toën, and Gabriele Vezzosi)

Conference Sessions Organized

·        Session on Algebraic Topology, 31st Summer Conference on Topology and Its Applications, August 2016 (co-organized with Simona Paoli)

·        Special session on homotopy theory, AMS Meeting at San Francisco State, October 2014 (co-organized with Angélica Osorno)

·        Special session on homotopy theory and K-theory, AMS Meeting at UC Riverside, November 2013 (co-organized with Christian Haesemeyer)

·        6th Annual Southern California Women in Mathematics Symposium, October 2013 (co-organized with Juhi Jang)

·        Special session on geometric applications of homotopy theory, Congress of the Americas, August 2013 (co-organized with Andrés Angel and Marcy Robertson)

·        Special session on homotopy theory and commutative algebra, Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, January 2013 (co-organized with Philip Hackney and Inês Henriques)

·        Special session on homotopy theory and K-theory, AMS Meeting at UCLA, October 2010 (co-organized with Christian Haesemeyer)

·        Special session on homotopy theory and higher algebraic structures, AMS Meeting at UC Riverside, October 2009 (co-organized with John Baez)

Seminars Organized at UC Riverside

·        Topology seminar 2015-16

·        Topology seminar 2014-15

·        Topology seminar Fall 2013

·        Topology seminar 2012-13

·        Topology seminar 2011-12 (co-organized with Michael Williams)

·        Topology seminar 2010-11

·        Rational homotopy theory seminar 2010-11 (co-organized with Fred Wilhelm and Philip Hackney)

·        Cobordism and topological field theories seminar, 2009-10              Last updated: 14 September 2016