Math 260: Topics in Homotopy Theory

Fall 2011

MWF 3:10-4:00, Surge 268


Friday, September 23: No class

Monday, September 26: Introduction

Wednesday, September 28: Introduction, continued

Friday, September 30: Introduction, still continued

Monday, October 3: Adam Katz – The little n-cubes operad

Wednesday, October 5: Adam Katz, continued

Friday, October 7: Gamma-spaces

Monday, October 10: Soheil Safii – Division algebras

Wednesday, October 12: Soheil Safii, continued

Friday, October 14: The Steenrod algebra and Hopf invariant

Monday, October 17: Matt Highfield – Spectral sequences

Wednesday, October 19: Matt Highfield, continued

Friday, October 21: More on spectral sequences  

Monday, October 24: Serre classes      

Wednesday, October 26: Serre classes and spectral sequences

Friday, October 28: No class

Monday, October 31: Curtis Pro – Homology spheres

Wednesday, November 2: Curtis Pro, continued

Friday, November 4: The Kervaire invariant one problem

Monday, November 7: Oliver ThistlethwaiteEilenberg-Mac Lane spaces and Brown representabilty

Wednesday, November 9: Oliver Thistlethwaite, continued

Friday, November 11: No class – Veteran’s Day

Monday, November 14: More on Brown representability

Wednesday, November 16: Reid Livingston – Vector bundles

Friday, November 18: Reid Livingston, continued

Monday, November 21: Classification of vector bundles        

Wednesday, November 23: Characteristic classes

Friday, November 25: No class – Thanksgiving holiday

Monday, November 28: Jacob West – Cobordism categories and the Pontryagin-Thom theorem

Wednesday, November 30: Jacob West, continued

Friday, December 2: Thom spectra

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