Introduction to Topology, Math 145B

Dr. Julie Bergner

MWF 11:10am-12:00pm, INTS 1006

Course Information

Monday, March 29: Identification spaces

Wednesday, March 31: Identification maps

Friday, April 2: More examples of identification maps

Homework 1 due (A list of problems, updated after each class, can be found on iLearn.)

Monday, April 5: Real projective spaces and quotient spaces

Wednesday, April 7: Homotopy

Friday, April 9: Homotopy as an equivalence relation, and concatenation of paths

Homework 2 due

Monday, April 12: Homotopy classes of loops

Wednesday, April 14: The fundamental group

Corrections to problem #2 from Homework 2 can be turned in.

Friday, April 16: Properties of fundamental groups

Homework 3 due

Monday, April 19: Tools for computing fundamental groups

Wednesday, April 21: Deformation retractions and contractible spaces

Friday, April 23: Exam 1

Homework 4 due

Monday, April 26: Manifolds and surfaces

Wednesday, April 28: Plane models for surfaces

Friday, April 30: Classification theorem for surfaces

Homework 5 due

Monday, May 3: Triangulations and plane models

Corrections to Exam 1 due

Wednesday, May 5: The proof of the classification theorem

Friday, May 7: Cell decompositions of spaces

Homework 6 due

Monday, May 10: Classification of surfaces using Euler characteristic

Wednesday, May 12: Triangulations and genus

Friday, May 14: Genus of non-orientable surfaces, and regular complexes

Homework 7 due

Monday, May 17: Duals of regular complexes

Wednesday, May 19: More on regular complexes and b-valent complexes

Friday, May 21: Exam 2

Homework 8 due

Monday, May 24-Friday, May 28: Knots and knot invariants

Friday: Homework 9 due

Monday, May 31: No class Memorial Day

Wednesday, June 2: Knot polynomials

Friday, June 4: Homework 10 due

Last updated: 2 June 2010