Math 144, Introduction to Set Theory

Spring 2011


Course Information

Monday, March 28: Statements, predicates, and quantifiers

          Homework 1 due Wednesday, March 30 (can be found under “Assignments” in iLearn)

Wednesday, March 30: Implications and existence statements

Friday, April 1: Truth tables

Monday, April 4: Negations

          Homework 2 due Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday, April 6: Proof techniques: Existence, uniqueness, and counterexamples

Friday, April 8: Proof techniques: Direct proof, contrapositive, and contradiction

Corrections to problems 2, 5, 6, and 7 from Homework 2 can be turned in Monday

Monday, April 11: Sets

Homework 3 due Wednesday, April 13

Wednesday, April 13: Set operations

Friday, April 15: Combining set operations

          Corrections to specified problems from Homework 3 can be turned in Monday

Monday, April 18: The power set and Russell’s Paradox

          Homework 4 due Wednesday, April 20

Wednesday, April 20: Exam 1

Friday, April 22: Principle of mathematical induction

          Corrections to problems from Homework 4 (can choose any whose point values total up to 30) can be turned in Monday

Monday, April 25: Principle of complete induction       

Homework 5 due Wednesday, April 27

Wednesday, April 27: Relations

Friday, April 29: Partially ordered and totally ordered sets

          Can turn in one corrected problem from Homework 5 on Monday

Monday, May 2: Bounded subsets of partially ordered sets

          Homework 6 due Wednesday, May 4

Wednesday, May 4: Partitions and equivalence relations

          Office hours for Friday, May 6 changed to 10-40-11:30 am

Friday, May 6: Functions

Monday, May 9: One-to-one and onto functions

          Homework 7 due Wednesday, May 11

Wednesday, May 11: Exam 2

Friday, May 13: Inverse functions and inverse images

Monday, May 16: Images and sequences

          Homework 8 due Wednesday, May 18

Wednesday, May 18: Properties of sequences and subsequences

Friday, May 20: Cardinality

          Supplement to Homework 8 can be turned in Monday

Monday, May 23: Infinite sets

          Homework 9 due Wednesday, May 25

Wednesday, May 25: Countable sets

Friday, May 27: Countable unions of countable sets

Monday, May 30: No class – Memorial Day

          Homework 10 due Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday, June 1: Uncountable sets

Friday, June 3: The Continuum Hypothesis

Tuesday, June 7: Final exam, 3-6 pm


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