Math 133, Geometry

Winter 2010


Course Information

Monday, January 4: Introduction

Wednesday, January 6: Beginning definitions

††††††††††† Homework: Make a list of at least 4-5 ideas that you think Iíve assumed without stating in making these definitions. (To be turned in on Friday)

*Note: I have made one change to the list of theorems handed out in class: there is an added theorem (now #2) in section I, shifting the numbers of the rest.The new version is available on iLearn. Please change on your copy!

Friday, January 8: Postulates and common notions

Monday, January 11: Theorems I.1-I.4

*I will be asking you to turn in a list of the members of your group and the time(s) you will be meeting each week, on Wednesday.Group presentations will begin on Wednesday, January 20.

Wednesday, January 13: Theorems I.5-II.1

Friday, January 15: Activity looking at Euclidís Elements

Monday, January 18: No class - Martin Luther King Holiday

Wednesday, January 20: Student presentations begin, II.2-II.4 (start)

*Note: There is a small change on the theorem list: there is a new III.9, bumping up the numbers for the rest of the section.

Friday, January 22: II.4-III.1 (start)

Monday, January 25: III.1-III.4

Wednesday, January 27: III.5, III.9

Homework due Friday, January 29: Turn in proofs of III.7 and III.8 (Solution posted on iLearn)

Friday, January 29: III.10-III.11

*Note there is now an extra theorem in section IV which will not need to be proved, but you can use it.

Monday, February 1: IV.1-IV.3

Wednesday, February 3: IV.4-IV.5

Homework due Friday, February 5: Turn in proof of IV.7.

Friday, February 5: IV.6

Monday, February 8: V.1-V.2

Wednesday, February 10: V.3-V.5

Homework due Friday, February 12: Turn in proofs of V.7 and V.8.

Friday, February 12: V.6, V.9

Monday, February 15: No class Ė Presidentís Day Holiday

Wednesday, February 17: V.10-V.11

Homework due Friday, February 19: Turn in proofs of VI.3 and VI.4.

Friday, February 19: VI.1-VI.2

Monday, February 22: VI.5-VII.1

Wednesday, February 24: VII.2-VII.3

Friday, February 26: Midterm Exam (See iLearn for a practice exam)

Monday, March 1: Introduction to hyperbolic geometry

Homework due Wednesday, March 3: Make corrections to midterm exam (note what your mistake was and correct the problem)

Wednesday, March 3: Hyperbolic geometry modules

Homework due Friday, March 5: Turn in sheet of questions from hyperbolic geometry modules

Friday, March 5: Intro to Geometerís Sketchpad

Monday, March 8: Geometerís Sketchpad investigations

Wednesday, March 10: Transformations on Geometerís Sketchpad

Homework due Friday, March 12: Turn in answers to questions, conjectures, and proofs from the last three class days

Friday, March 12: Wrap-up on Sketchpad conjectures and review

Wednesday March 17: Office hours 1-3

Thursday, March 18: Final exam 11:30-2:30

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