John D. Berman

Mailing address:
Department of Mathematics
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400137
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Office: 112 Kerchof Hall



About me
I am currently a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Virginia, expecting to graduate with my Ph.D. in May 2018.

My interests broadly include algebraic topology and fields that interface with it, especially homotopy theory, category theory, derived algebraic geometry, knot theory, and K-theory.

I have been closely involved with math competitions and recreational math for years, first as a student and now by working with students from middle school to college. Most recently, I attended the International Math Olympiad in 2015 as Deputy Leader for the 1st place United States team, and I have run UVA's Putnam and problem solving course 2015-17.

Outside of mathematics, I like to spend time hiking, camping, or doing just about anything outdoors. When indoors, I enjoy cooking and reading. I also have a variety of other academic interests including linguistics and history.