"I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose=words in their best order; poetry=the best words in their best order."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poetry is alive and well on the World Wide Web! There are many dynamic and accessible sites where both classic and contemporary poetry can be located. These sites include archives, online magazines and journals, and interactive poetry pages. Many of the sites include multimedia features that allow the browser to read and hear selections from a number of poets.

A gateway to on-line information about poets and poetry in the Pacific Northwest.Includes information on special public poetry performances, venues with regularly scheduled poetry readings, a directory of Who's Who in Northwest poetry, poetry books and CDs, and links to poetry resources.

The American Verse Project
The American Verse Project is a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press. The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920. The full text of each volume of poetry is being converted into digital form and coded in Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) using the TEI Guidelines, with various forms of access provided through the WWW.
Cowboy Poets on the Internet
A collaborative project of a number of faculty and students of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the staff of the Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada. Written out of a desire to share the rich culture of the West with the rest of the world, and to explore the powerful new media. The result is a web site that merges tradition and technology.
Sound Eye . . . Irish Poetry & the Universe of Writing
This is a site given over to poetry, in the broad sense. The focus is on Irish poetry in the English language. You will also find information about the history of alternative poetries, especially in Ireland.
Twentieth-century Poetry in English
Information on twentieth-century poetry in English. Includes Internet information relating to 159 poets, as well as "related links."
Poetry Daily
This site is dedicated to contemporary poetry; everyday it publishes a new poem from books, magazines, and journals currently in print. The daily poem is topical or seasonal and chosen for its literary quality. Poetry Daily features a diverse selection of poets published in the English language. The site's purpose is to help people sift through the numerous print options available to find poets and poetry they like. This page contains plenty of good poetry as well as news and features including an index of poetry titles published each year.
Switched-on Gutenberg
A global online-only poetry journal maintained by the University of Washington. Contents are listed thematically or by author. This journal favors free verse. It is a straightforward site to browse.
The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages
This site includes poetry and essays from the print edition of The Atlantic's archives. It contains classic and contemporary poets and poetry as well as audible anthologies.
Project Bartleby
An archive of classic literature and poetry from Robert Frost to Emily Dickinson. This site is presented by the Bartleby Library at Columbia University and evolved from a Quotation of the Day service as a result of audience demand. This site chooses texts either specific to the Columbia core curriculum and/or Pulitzer Prize winners. Currently, the only material presented is out of copyright.
The Poetry Exchange
An online repository of contemporary poems. The Poetry Exchange aims to provide a medium for poetry on the Web, to be a resource center for all things connected with poetry, and to help poets experiment with the unique opportunities offered by the evolving Web.
Publishers Included in Index of American Periodical Verse
This site contains a compilation of a major index of American poetry in periodicals. This comprehensive list allows browsers to find poets and poetry they seek. The current listings are from 1995; the page author indicates this is because indexers want all the issues from a given year before indexing them. Information includes periodical editors, addresses, issues indexed, and subscription rates.
The Electronic Poetry Center
A site designed as a gateway to resources in electronic poetry produced at the University of Buffalo. The contents of this site are centered on contemporary experimental and innovative poetry.
Interactive Poetry Pages
This site is a real-time poetry collaboration. Individuals are invited to add a line to a poem in progress and to view the finished results. There are several categories including general and rhyming poetry, haiku, song lyrics and teen interests.
The Academy of American Poets
The Academy maintains a guide to on- and offline poetry resources. It includes poetry exhibits, a calendar of events, and a "poem of the day." This is also a support area for National Poetry Month.
Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource
This critically acclaimed literary online journal "seeks to expand the influence of poetry beyond its traditionally academic audience and to make quality writing an everyday craving". The site contains 2000+ links to resources for writers, poets and researchers.
The Beloit Poetry Journal
This site is the online edition of The Beloit Poetry Journal. It accepts poetry from all over the world and publishes the best without regard to form, subject matter, length, style, or reputation of the poet.
Mississippi Review Web
An Internet edition of the national literary magazine, published monthly, that serves as a site for online poetry, fiction, and essays.
This is an electronic poetry and literary magazine with beautiful graphics and intense visual images. While this is a visually stimulating site, it is content driven and filled with exquisite word imagery. The site includes links to interactive poetry pages.
The Children's Poetry Corner
This site is an archive of the Web Poetry Corner reserved for children's poetry since children also need a forum for their creativity. Submissions are listed by child's name and address.
I-Poem Shop
An Internet poetry site maintained by the Roth Publishing Co. They characterize the site as the "Internet's only poetry specialty store." From this site, the reader can search for and download poetry from theme electronic collections and purchase poetry books for home delivery.An interesting feature of this site is their personalized poetry service: Their commissioned poet will compose the perfect poem for you.
Poetry International
Anthologies of poetry from all over the world.
Haiku Cupboard
This page contains poetry, prose and art. The poetry is a variation tanka, sijo, haiku, renku, sedoka, contemporary free verse, prose poems, flash fiction, writer's tools/links and potpourri.

There is a plethora of poetry sites available on the Internet today. It is difficult to find and enjoy them all. An interesting concept in visiting poetry sites is The Poetry Webring, which is an easily navigable link of sites on the Web. Each site is linked to the next so that no matter where one starts, one is eventually able to visit all the sites and end up back at the beginning.

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