Literary Resources

" Literature is the Thought of thinking souls."

Thomas Carlyle

The Literary Resources section is a compilation of the most important literary resources and links on the Internet for people who are interested in reading, studying, researching, and teaching literature. If you know of other in-depth and significant literary resources, please let us know,and we will review them.

Literature Resources

The following are general resources, focusing mainly on American and English Literature.

A Literary Index
This site, maintained by Christopher J. Flack, a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the English program at Vanderbilt University, "provides both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature." It is very comprehensive and relevant to this section, and also includes a section on Composition, Rhetoric, and Writing among its annotated list of indices.
Literary Resources on the Net
A regularly updated list of literary resources, maintained by Jack Lynch, a fourth-year PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, from Bibliography and History of the Book to Women's Literature and Feminism. The list of categories is not annotated, but there is a search option.
Literature Resources
Links from George Washington University.
The English Server
At Carnegie Mellon University, this site is managed by the students, faculty, and staff. An extensive collection of literary resources it has "published humanities texts online since 1990, offering over fifteen thousand texts." With links to other literary sites, like the Guide to Literature on the Internet (a comprehensive guide to literary resources on the Internet containing newsgroups, FAQs, electronic journals, resources for writers, reference and WAIS resources), it has a search option along with gopher, telnet, and ftp sites.
American and English Literature Internet Resources
Compiled by Winnie Shyman, reference librarian at Buley Library. Though this site has not been updated recently, it contains an incredible list of resources and electronic texts. It also contains biographical information and criticism of works (listed alphabetically by author from Austin to Wilde). American and English Literature resources include general resources, poetry, prose, and drama. It is Shyman's intention to include sites that have "stood the test of time and have proven to be a storehouse of information for researchers in the literary field."
The English-Language Literature Page at UCSD
This is a great page at the University of California at San Diego consisting of literature-oriented resources, primarily focusing on English and American Literature, electronic texts and journals, discussion groups, and literary research.
World Wide Web Virtual Library
Also known as the IBIC it includes sections on authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, mailing lists for readers, online books, and more. There are also Usenet groups related to books. This is a "personal, selective, opinionated guide to books and book-related resources on the Internet," written and edited by W. Frederick Zimmerman at Sunsite.
English Network Resources
The links to this comprehensive index are regularly checked and updated. The list includes World Wide Web Literary Resources and Servers; electronic journals; listservs and reference; writing, linguistics and language; online books; children's literature; authors; and much more.
Online Literary Criticism Collection
The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection contains 1005 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by literary period. Literary periods range from pre-1500 to 20th Century. Works included have been written by literary scholars as well as works published under the aegis of some external editorial body.
The Voice of the Shuttle
Web Page for Humanities Research, from UCSB. Massive site divided into many categoryies. New links added every few days.
The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource
This site contains over 2000 links to resources for writers and researchers, including Zuzu's Petals Literary Links ("creative resources from Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online").

Electronic Texts

These are sites that are geared primarily toward online books and electronic texts, that are not mentioned in the section above on literature resources.

Alex is a catalog of electronic texts on the Internet, and was an Oxford research project whose purpose was "to explore the possibilities of creating catalogs of Internet-based electronic texts." Its 2000 approximate entries are mostly gopher servers. Maintenance has been suspended due to lack of funding, but it is an interesting site, nonetheless. You can browse the catalogue or enter a Boolean query search.
Electronic Texts
Another literary index maintained by Jack Lynch! This comprehensive list includes links to many electronic text projects, as well as gopher sites and Usenet groups, including bit.listserv.gutenberg and alt.etext.
Internet Public Library Reading Room Online Texts
This collection contains "over 4000 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, by Dewey Subject Classification, or by keyword search." This site is regularly updated and includes a Literature and Rhetoric section.
The On-Line Books Page
This very impressive and comprehensive site includes an index of thousands of online books, general English repositories, and specialty and foreign-language repositories, as well as online book publishers and retailers.
The BookWire Reading Room
This is a site with a great number of indexed electronic books and book resources. It includes Literary and Author-specific mailing lists, a Book Awards Index, and 79 sites listed on an index of book-related newsgroups.
The University of Virginia Electronic Text Library
Organized by author, all of the thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts and images are available to users of the University of Virginia (some materials such as the Oxford English Dictionary are resticted to UVA use) and many are available to Internet users.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The complete works are freely available online. The original electronic source for this server is the complete Moby (tm) Shakespeare. The works are divided into the categories of Comedy, History, Tragedy and Poetry. They mention that it's a "very common phenomenon" that a copy of a play you may be familiar with may differ from one on this server. You can also search the complete works. There are also links to other Shakespeare resources on the Internet, Bartlett's Shakespeare quotations, a Shakespeare discussion area, a "what's new" page on this server, and their FAQs like, "where on the Internet can I find references, summaries, introductions, and critical analysis of Shakespeare's work?"

Women Writers Project
The Brown University Women Writers Project. The textbase is a collection of primarily pre-Victorian (1450-1850) literature written by women.The collection spans a wide array of topics and genres, providing a unique and valuable resource for the study of women's writing in English.

Other Shakespeare Resources
California Shakespeare Festival Homepage
Useful Shakespeare resources and links to other Shakespeare resources on the Internet.
Collected Works of Shakespeare
Complete works online and links to other Shakespeare resources. This site also features a "Shakespeare Search Engine."
Shakespeare Web
Good for teachers of Shakespeare or for the needs of students who want to interpret and criticize the works.

Literary Institutes

These include links that list literary institutes and English departments worldwide.

Voice of the Shuttle's Literature, English & Comparative Literature Departments
This web page is maintained by Alan Liu from the Department of English at the University of California. It contains general guides to English and Comparative Literature Departments in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Far East. It includes English and Comparative Literature Department Gophers Worldwide, 100 English Home Pages ("frequently visited English department home pages") by William C. Dowling at Rutgers University, a large list of English Department Homepages by David L. Hoover at NYU, and U. Penn's ECLAT among the alphabetical, unannotated list of English and Comparative Literature English Departments. You can search the server in literature subjects by genre, as well.
Yahoo!'s List of Literary Institutes
This is a somewhat annotated alphabetical list of English Departments and Literary institutes, student programs, and links to Internet resources for literature, rhetoric, linguistics, and women's studies.
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
IATH's goal at the University of Virginia is to "explore and expand the potential of information technology as a tool for humanities research." This server is very frequently updated, and you can interact with the institute. IATH also publishes the Internet's oldest peer-reviewed electronic journal in the humanities. Other annotated categories include Reports, Projects, and Works in Progress; and Related Readings in the Humanities.

Teaching of Literature

These resources include college-level informative sites for teaching literature.

Literature Resources for the High School and College Student
The intent of this site is to provide a quick reference for students to the many literature and writing resources on the world wide web. The graphics on this site have been kept to a minimum.
World Lecture Hall: English and Writing
A very in-depth alphabetical and annotated list of courses including Shakespeare, English literature and rhetoric (both online and off-), writing in cyberspace, and research methods. Frequently updated and descriptive of the interactiveness of the sites with the Internet.
Syllabi and Other Course Materials for Literature Courses
In typical busy Lynch fashion, he says, "it should be no surprise that this page is now woefully incomplete - the explosion of the number of courses using the Web, along with the explosion in things I should be doing, have made it impossible for me to keep up with it all." A collection of syllabi and course materials that really use the Web. Categorized lists of materials include Classical and Biblical, Medieval, and Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries to name a few. Updated as Lynch can get to it.
Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures
Maintained by Randy Bass, Director of the Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies at Georgetown University, the Archives contain essays, syllabi, and bibliographies. A short list, co-sponsored by the D.C. Heath Publishing Co., it contains essays on Teaching the American Literature from the Heath Anthology Newsletter. Leans toward muticultural studies.

Books and Presses

A searchable site that bills itself as "the First Place to Look for Book Information on the World Wide Web" and "the most comprehensive guide to the book-related resources of the Internet." For fun this site features a literary Cartoon of the Day by Mort Gerberg. This is a great site that includes, among many annotated categories, Book Awards, the Reading Room, The BookWire Index, BookWire Navigator (BookWire hierarchies), Publishers Weekly, and many other top-notch book reviews.
For librarians and other information professionals interested in acquisitions and collections development. Frequently updated with a limited search capacity, since 1994 they've aimed to "be international in scope and approach." Links to other sites, Web and gopher sites, and the Directory of Publishers and Vendors.
Association of American University Presses
A short list maintained by Princeton University, AAUP is a combination online catalogue and bookstore. It lists links to individual university press catalogues at other Internet sites.
BookLovers FineBooks and Literature
Maintained and updated periodically by Piet Wesselman, this is his "selection of useful places on the net on writers and poets, on libraries, publishers and booksellers, both of new and second hand/antiquarian books." Contains general sites on books and literature, literary journals, and other literary links.

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