"In every man's writings, the character of the writer must lie recorded."

Thomas Carlyle

Sites devoted to individual authors are so numerous that any attempt to list even the best would be rife with omissions. Instead, we list here the best digest sites, leaving the blame with others for the inevitable oversights.

Authors on the Web
A collection of author biographies available on the World Wide Web written by one of the authors of this page. The project is an attempt to pool available resources for biographical research and to encourage others to contribute biographies as well. It is ongoing and incomplete but the collection continually grows.
Author Webliography
Author Webliography is an "index of indexes," with annotated links to sites concerning individual authors, most of them "literary" (no Tom Clancy or John Grisham sites listed here). A project of the Louisiana State University Libraries, Author Webliography is updated regularly and is Clearinghouse approved.
The BookWire Index-Author Websites
BookWire's list includes popular as well as literary writers and, usually, enough annotation to distinguish between the two classes. It also includes links to other author sites, genre sites, and literary society sites.
British and Irish Authors on the Web
A companion site to American Authors on the Web, British and Irish Authors on the Web lists similar resources related to British literature. As with American Authors, the author list is chronological rather than alphabetic, and the site is updated regularly.
Great Writers and Poets
The Great Writers and Poets list is part of the Book Lovers Index maintained by Piet Wesselman, who admits to "favoring a writer's quality over popularity" and including writers whom he considers to be "of world literature level." The page also includes a guide to what a good writer homepage should offer.
The Mississippi Writers Page
Presented by the University of Mississippi English Department, the Mississippi Writers Page is a showcase for the many writers, both past and present, who have called the Magnolia state home. Biographies of the writers, information about their books and other publications, and bibliographies of other information sources (including literary criticism) are among the features available here. It is an ongoing project.

Yahoo!-Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Literary Fiction:Authors
Yahoo broadens the genre of literary fiction to include Tom Clancy (11 sites) and John Grisham (4 sites) but still manages to include the writers one might expect to find here. The list includes precious little annotation but provides multiple links for most authors.

Last update: June 5, 2000
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