I am a fifth-year Astronomy PhD candidate at the University of Virginia. My research interests focus on millisecond pulsars: searching for them, timing them, and using them for gravitational wave detection and tests of fundamental physics. I am a member of the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav). My doctoral advisor is Scott Ransom, my undergraduate advisor was Dan Reichart, and I worked with Fernando Camilo during my time at the Arecibo Observatory.

I wrote for Astrobites, an astronomy blog written by graduate students, for two years. Some of my posts can be found here.

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The University of Virginia

Ph.D. Astronomy (2020, expected)
M.S. Astronomy (2016)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.S. Physics & Astronomy with Highest Honors (2014)
Minor, French

Personal & Contact

Other interests: I was a nationally competitive figure skater and fencer in my youth. These days, I practice yoga, garden, hike/camp, draw, drink Charlottesville beer and wine, and get too emotional about video games.

Email me at thankful (at) virginia (dot) edu. Links to my social media, etc., are on the bottom of the green panel to your right.

PSR tattoo

The pulse profile of the first MSP I discovered. I really like pulsars.