Harold B. Johnson

Scholar in Residence (1981)
Latin America
E-Mail: valdemar53@hotmail.com


Publications, Awards, and Activities

Social Science Research Council Fellow in Portugal, 1964-1965

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Latin American History, Yale University, 1964-1968

Ford Foundation Fellow in Brazil, 1965-1966

Social Science Research Council Fellow in Portugal, 1968-1969

Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Virginia, 1970-1974

Visiting Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1983

From Reconquest to Empire: The Iberian Background to Latin American History (Knopf, 1971).

[with Maria Beatriz Nizza da Silva] O Império Luso-Brasileiro, 1500-1620 (v. VI of the Nova História da Expansão Portuguesa) (Lisbon, 1992).

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Camponeses e Colonizadores: Estudos de História Luso-Brasileira (Editorial Estampa, Lisbon, 2002).

Current Research: I am presently writing a general survey of early Brazilian history. I am also working on a series of articles on the significance of the changing distribution of wealth and income in Portuguese communities, ca. 1300-ca.1800.

The following articles can be accessed with an Adobe Acrobat viewer: click on title for link.

"Charlemagne; a Lecture" (1962).

"Para um modelo estrutural da freguesia portuguesa do século XVIII" (1985).

"Storm over Sagres; Or, How a Book Review Caused a Duke to Lose His Cool" (2001).

"Malthus Confirmed? Reflections on the Changing Distribution of Wealth and Income in Portugal (1309-1789)" (2001).

"A Horoscope Cast upon the Birth of King Sebastian of Portugal (1554-1578)" (2001).

"A Question that Jaime Cortesão Never Dared to Ask" (2002).

"A Pedophile in the Palace" (2004).