airo driver and xsupplicant patches required for xsupplicant to work with Cisco 350 cards

Note: as of 5/10/05
, kernel 2.6.10-1.771_FC2, airo patch is STILL not incorporated into FC2.  I include binaries for this kernel version at the bottom.  The new prerelease version of xsupplicant 1.2 includes the patch and seems to work at first glance.

Xsupplicant won't work with the released version of xsupplicant or the released airo.c driver in kernel 2.6.9-1.6_FC2 (or similar).  There is an issue with temp wep keys that resets the cisco 350 card whenever xsupplicant resets the wep key.  What follows is how to use patched versions of xsupplicant and airo.c driver that fix this problem:

A tiny bit of background:  a fellow named Dan Streetman sent these patches, respectively, to the xsupplicant list and to Fabrice Bellet, who has done work on the airo driver.  The xsupplicant patch was to the cvs version of xsupplicant (Dec 04), which does not work for me for reasons unrelated to the temp wep keys fix supplied in these patches.  Fabrice helped clue me into the fact that the back-port to the stable release, 1.0.1, was very simple.  I expect the airo.c driver changes will be included in new releases of the kernel in fairly short order (it's now Jan 05), but I'm not sure when the next version of xsupplicant (and thus one which would include this patch) might be released, I assume this might be a while.  Many thanks go to Fabrice for his very generous assisantance with this.

Firmware Notes:
Currently, I'm using the 5.30.xx firmware version.  I THINK you can use the latest greatest now with the current driver, but I haven't tried yet.  Let me know if you try and find out.  If you tinker with firmware, use windows to flash the firmware, don't use the linux util.  According to many, it can chow your card.

Patched xsupplicant:
Download xsupplicant 1.0.1 from and untar it (see notes on ver 1.2 above).  Replace xsupplicant-1.0.1/src/cardif/linux/cardif_linux.c with
this version before compiling.  Then just ./configure, make, make install.  For the curious, the patch file is here.

Patched airo driver:
This caused me pain, if only in trying to figure out how to compile a kernel module under Fedora Core 2.  I was clueless that I had to start a complete kernel compile in order to compile the tools to do a partial compile.  If  you need  help figuring out how to compile the driver under a 2.6 kernel, try (and, if that fails, take a look at this).  The patched version of the airo driver is here.  The patch file is here, if you want it.

If you happen to have the 2.6.10-1.771_FC2 kernel on x86, here are the precompiled files: airo.ko airo_cs.ko