I come from the lovely city of PESCARA, in the ABRUZZO region of Italy. Pescara is a seaside and beach mid-sized city with a lot to offer and beautiful mountains (Maiella, Gran Sasso) and ski resorts as close as 45 minutes away.

I grew up playing soccer, rollerskating and skiing. During my four years at IU I cheated with CALCIO and began playing basketball on a daily basis.

I grew up playing electric guitar. My favorite band by far are DREAM THEATER,  and I have played for several cover bands. You can see some of my gear (Ibanez JP Picasso and RG7, Brunetti XL) in action in this video,
where my brother Simone is covering Periphery. He is a PhD student in Neuroscience. My dad is a Common Law university professor back home, and my mom, now retired, used to work for the Abruzzo government.

Since 2009, I have been married to Marta, a biotechnologist and a versatile writer. We have two exhilaratingly fun sons, Ethan (born April 2011) and Tobias (born January 2014).