Ein Ghetto im Osten - WILNA

EIN GHETTO IM OSTEN (WILNA) von M. VOROBEICHIC - EINGELEITET von S. CHNÉOUR copyright Orell Füssli Verlag, Zurich, Switzerland 1931. This work is still copyright-protected. If you are interested in reprinting part of it or the whole work, permission is required. Please contact: phiefner@ofv.ch

This book was given to my father (Edward Sapir) by Max Weinreich in 1933. The file WILNA_GH.TXT contains a scan of Chneour's introduction and a review by Weinreich that he had translated from the Yiddish and which had orginially been published in the Jewish Daily Forward, New York (Sept. 20, 1931). I post this copyrighted material following the 'good faith' protocol with permission of Orell Füssli Verlag AG Zürich. I am particularly interested to learn more about the photographer, M. Vorobeichic. I shall post or e-mail other pages if people wish. J. David Sapir ds8s@virginia.edu (I particularly recommend plates 1, 21,41-2, 44-5,48-51.)

Chnéour's Introduction & Max Weinreich's review. More information about Vorobeichic (aka Moi Ver).

The following photographs are excerpts from the volume. I start with the two covers, one German, the other Yiddish.

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