Richard Robinson

Freelance Photographer

Richard Robinson is a free lance photographer based in the Piedmont Region of Virginia. His work has appeared in numerous magazines including: Smithsonian, Discovery Channel's Destination Discovery Magazine, Historic Preservation, Kiplinger's, Omni, Southern Accents, Success, USA Weekend, Veranda and The Washington Post Magazine.

His assignments have taken him as far as Kathmandu, where he produced a story on AIDS/HIV for Discovery Publishing. His work ranges from covering a Voodoo Village in South Carolina, where he photographed the initiation of a Voodoo priest, to photographing a Nunnery in Montana, where he chronicled the preservation efforts of an Ursaline Order. He has photographed drug addicts and prostitutes on the streets of Washington, D.C. as well as the director of the Corcoran, the dean of the law school at GWU and Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Richard Robinson pursues his personal work, which he exhibits nationally. Projects include: "The Streets of Kathmandu," "The Cow Sale," and most recently, "The Streets of Paris." The Streets of Kathmandu received funding from the DCCAH and the National Endowment for the Arts.

His series, "AIDS East and West: A Cross-Cultural Look at the Epidemic" was a solo exhibition at Philadelphia's University of the Arts.

Richard Robinson's photography has won numerous awards and has been featured in American Photography and The Society of Publication Designer's Award Annuals.His images from the "Voudou Village" story are now part of the permanent collections of the Museum of African American History, in Detroit, Michigan.

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