Discovering the Children of Bangladesh

photographs & text by Ihtisham Kabir

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I was born and brought up in Bangladesh. Located east of India, Bangladesh was called East Pakistan before it became an independent country in 1971. It is a mostly flat, green land on the delta formed by three large rivers.

I spent my childhood in Sylhet, a small, picturesque town in northeastern Bangladesh. It was an unusually happy childhood whose memories have stayed with me. Among the attractions of Sylhet are the tea plantations among green, undulating hills. Some of the plantation laborers also used to work around our house.

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When I was ten, we moved from Sylhet to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. At sixteen, I went to England to study for "A" levels (the last two years of High School). Following this, I won a scholarship to attend college in the United States.

It was at college that I first became interested in photography as a hobby. I began to develop and print my own pictures at a makeshift darkroom in the dormitory. Some years later I moved to Silicon Valley to work as an engineer. I began to take photo classes at University of California Berkeley Extension in my spare time. The excellent teachers there helped me develop my own vision.

Among the master photographers, I have many favorites. When I saw Henri Cartier-Bresson's "The Decisive Moment", I felt inspired. Jacques Henri Lartigue and Helen Levitt are two other favorites.

Not coincidentally, my professional career has also revolved around images: I have worked in the area of computer imaging software. I feel fortunate to be witnessing from a close range the next big change in the way we see.

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