Finding your way around Fixing Shadows

Most of the gallery pages use the following set up:

  1. The top page consists of a text statement surrounded or peppered with thumbnails of the photographs.
  2. Clicking on one of the thumbnails takes you to the complete image, along with a caption.
  3. The image is placed in a round robin. You may move either forward or back in the round robin by either clicking on: to go backwards or, in early sites, on to go forwards.
  4. In current sites clicking on the images takes you to the next image.

  5. With the earlier sites (but not all of them) clicking on the image itself will bring up a large, full screen, version of the image. Clicking on the large image returns you to the sequence.
  6. You can return to the top page any time by clicking on . Clicking on the last image in a sequence will also return you to the top page.

  7. At the bottom of each photographer's page, and elsewhere besides, you will find a comment box. Please use it. Copies of your comments will go to Fixing Shadows and to the photographer.

Enjoy yourself - and come back again. This is a big site and it is getting bigger.