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This is a haphazard list - Interesting sites that have come to our attention. Many more thorough lists can be found elsewhere.

with nature, by Roy Money

The late John Yang, an important and greatly underappreciated New York photographer.
A new web site has been put together by his daughter, Naomi Yang, who herself is an accomplished photographer.
Complex photographic collages ---

Jenny Okun

--- including Architecture, Boats, Nudes, Plants --- !
National Media Museum, UK
with substantial space devoted to photography.
Joshua Spees,
Western Photographs

"There's a fellow in Maine ( Gene M.) who seems to specialize
in " Found Film" I think he just started developing film
that he found in junk cameras that he bought or later .. were
sent to him. He often made wry and touching comments to the posted photos.
Highly recommended!"   Chuck Foreman

Churches ad hoc and
other photos by Eugene,
Oregon, photographer.

Three sets of Photographs
by the Mexican Photographer
Pericles Lavat
The Daguerreian

The Daguerreian Society's
presence on the World Wide Web:
19th and 20th texts about the daguerreotype &
information regarding The Daguerreian Society.
A Set of Photographs by
Alan Thomas
Midley History

of Photography
R. Derek Wood’s articles on the early History of Photography,
including the Daguerreotype and Diorama.
The American Museum of Photography

this site..
Edited by Pedro Meyer
mainly Latin American Photography
Colleen Woolpert
rethinks the Stereoscope
Ken Graves and Eva Lipman

The Library of Congress's daguerreotype collection of about 600 photographs from 1842 to 1862. Portrait daguerreotypes produced by the Mathew Brady studio make up the major portion of the collection. The collection also includes early architectural views by John Plumbe, a few outdoor scenes, and copies of painted portraits.

The KODAK Girl!

Les frères Lumière made pictures move! And people are still moving them
along. Here's a choice page: - Documentary Educational Resources
- to prove it.

VAR is the journal of the Society for Visual Anthropology
[a section of the American Anthropological Association]

Archives & Galleries devoted to photography.

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