The Photo Gallery

Dates indicate when added to Fixing Shadows

Harvey Arche

Highland Rim Speedway

just a bit north of Nashville, TN

(April, 2009

Paul Baldesare

The London Tubes &

English Carnival

(May, 1997)

Michael Carlebach

defines the American crypt.

(December, 2002)

Frank Cancian

The Zinacantan of Mexico & and incidentals from Irvine California

(August, 2002)

Julia M. Dawson

Texas parade photos with commentary by Holly Brear

(August, 1995)

Nell Dorr

pictorialist, edited by Blythe Daly

(May, 1999)

Bill Emory

Rosni Farm in Madison County, VA

(January, 2000)

Carol Hudson

Birds on a Plate

(February, 1997)

Ihtisham Kabir

Discovering the Children of Bangladesh.

(June, 1999)

Peter Marshall

London Buses, Gay Pride, Greewich Meridian, Notting Hill

(June 1994-November 2001)

John Mason

Friday Night Drag Racing.

(September, 2004)

Bill Mattick

the California Photoman

(August, 1996)


Ray Nelson

Under the microscope

(February, 1997)

David Newman


(May, 1997)

Moyra Peralta

The London Homeless:
A Near Invisibility

(August, 2002)

David Plowden

American Views

"You have the eye of a poet. Why not?"
Minor White

(July, 2001)

Richard Robinson

Freelance Photographer:
Paris, Nepal, Cows: Orange VA

(December, 1997)

Julia Sapir

An American in Italy, a contessa in Cental Park

(May, 1997)

Sally Stein

Notes of a Techno-Voyeur:
observing the cell phone

(August, 2001)

John Spence Weir

The Color and Form of Mexico

(May, 1999)

Jack Welpott

"I've gone to find myself, if I get back before I return keep me here!"

(August, 2000)

Elizabeth Whelan

Kasisi Orphanage, Lusaka, Zambia

(November, 2003)


Neal White

"I do not title, caption nor date, let alone explain, my photographs. "

(August, 2001)

Sara Wiles

Wind River Reservation, Wyoming. Home to the Northern Arapaho.

(June, 2003)


Marion Post Wolcott

FSA and beyond. Edited by Linda Wolcott Moore

(August, 1999)


William Wylie

The Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

(April, 2004)

Alice and Friends

A sample of Charles Dodgson's photography

"and what use is a book without pictures or conversations?"

J. David Sapir

Photographs from the Jóola of Sénégal


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